Nature's beauty... redefined!

One of our cabins in Forks
Hello, my name is Heidi. I am the new owner of the Hoh Rainforest Resort, (formerly the Huckleberry Lodge). This little spot on the map is definitely one of my happy places. I first discovered it on a getaway out to the West End, Washington state’s most westerly coastal peninsula, where I've been enjoying walking around the woods for years. I immediately fell in love with this “little slice of heaven”, as it has been consistently referred to by many.

I acquired the property in 2018 and now I’m learning how to operate this kind of business. Most of the time things go smoothly and people are very happy and the reviews reflect that. Every once-in-a-while “life” happens and somebody “drops the ball”. The experiences I’ve had so far have kept me on my toes and I’m enjoying the challenges and the delights. Our mission, however, is simple, and completely oriented around our guest experience. I really bought this property to share and enjoy with people from all around the world.

Rain Forest
If you’re happy I’m happy, and I will do whatever is in my power to facilitate that. When I connect with you, usually around the community campfire in the evenings or walking by in the afternoon (on the weekends), it makes this all worth it.

Whether you are here to visit the Hoh Rain Forest, the most carefully preserved rain forest in the northern hemisphere, any one of the long stretches of pristine, scenic beaches along the Pacific coast, or you're visiting the area because the fishing is some of the best in the world, we would love to get to meet you and offer anything we can to add to your experience while you are here.